Welcome to my altpatcapmat

welcome to altpatcapmat where reverse understanding of the forward is understood, as for you understanding altpatcapmatism is a understanding for the few of the future and for only architecs of the minds where no minds exist the reverse forward pattern or alternate methods of this blush tool used for your 4th center focus will not only improve the structure of how you create and rebuilt reverse formula patterns but will break the window automatically ,written in a way to not be understood the envy in the mind will automatically be blocked from accepting and even toward the new understanding,understanding the understanding ,there is not a dollar in the world that can by the forward reverse alt cap patterns ,and the knowledge of it cannot be resold ,to even self it has to be restructed more and more like a muscle it only grows by more restructuring ,as you obtain new understanding your degree will not be only changed but in a new direction,for the average creator i mean the energy he/she uses should always be unsimplified ,the sense in before existance will only attribute a new change.only not will you notice many of them confused but frozen in thought. AND yes does as the creator wants his creators methods kept a hold for somany in the past have let those stuck in creativity but in a folded position as i ask you while you read truely tap into a focus of only your mind connected to no mind can use to understand the codes written deeply into your un obvious thoughts ,
lesson 1 mentall image charging as they who break us builds the dna for a new structure build on a new structure while a structure is being built upon you ,again as you read more truth will be told to you,before seeing through the last window i too see new patterns i only can understand mind breaks your down in many unfolds to refold properly, as you refold your mind properly unfold the last unworking to break into evolving .sustain the right pressure input and pushin in the evolving folded patterns into the new window as you look back into the last window watch the alters of still folded patterns unfold. reality there is no difference between unfolded or folded patterns only difference is in the refolded unfold folded refolded but why does unfolding effect or have affect of unfolded patterns is only for your own understanding. : Neocities.

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